There are so many unique reasons to visit Budapest, including this gorgeous lighting.

8 Unique Reasons to Visit Budapest

During our first visit to Budapest, we arrived late at night. It was dark and moody, and we were tired. We hailed a taxi at the airport, the driver greeting us with breathless Hungarian and a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He unapologetically sped through the darkened streets, whizzing around corners and gambling with shortcuts … Continue reading 8 Unique Reasons to Visit Budapest

One look at Budapest's Parliament building will have you smitten with the city. One of the best times to explore this European capital is during the holidays. Read all about Budapest's best Christmas Markets!

Budapest’s Best Christmas Markets

Ahhhh, European Christmas markets. Come December, they’re what us expats live for. We are far from home, friends, family, and our own traditions, so what fills such a huge void during the holidays? Mugs of steaming mulled wine, of course. Plus all the others: heaping plates of traditional foods, artistic crafts, twinkling lights, wafting music, … Continue reading Budapest’s Best Christmas Markets

How to treasure hunt at Budapest's largest flea market

How To: Treasure Hunt at Budapest’s Largest Flea Market

Budapest is steeped in history - unique, turbulent, varied, discouraging, triumphant, hopeful history. Perusing the streets, ducking into courtyards, exploring alleyways, investigating the riverside... it has yet to get old, and I predict it never will. Of all the European cities I have visited, Budapest remains my favorite. Now, it's not for everyone. The culture is rich … Continue reading How To: Treasure Hunt at Budapest’s Largest Flea Market