Is Travel one of Your New Year Resolutions? Then Check out These 18 Hidden European Gems for Your 2018!

18 European Hidden Gems for 2018

Did some form of travel make it on your New Year resolutions list? It certainly made it on mine. Even though I'm extremely grateful for the travel I've been able to experience during the past few years living abroad, I know I will always pursue more travel. That's because travel is powerful. Even if you … Continue reading 18 European Hidden Gems for 2018

Accidental Memories

Despite the late October chill christening the air, the sun, streaming through the branches of towering evergreens, warmed my face. I sat atop small boulders lining the riverbed, digging my heals deeper into the stones below. I closed my eyes. The only sounds were the rush of the Białka River and the occasional bird announcing … Continue reading Accidental Memories