Is Travel one of Your New Year Resolutions? Then Check out These 18 Hidden European Gems for Your 2018!

18 European Hidden Gems for 2018

Did some form of travel make it on your New Year resolutions list? It certainly made it on mine. Even though I'm extremely grateful for the travel I've been able to experience during the past few years living abroad, I know I will always pursue more travel. That's because travel is powerful. Even if you … Continue reading 18 European Hidden Gems for 2018

Edinburgh is more than just castles, pubs, and city life. Read on to discover 8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh!

8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

First impressions of Edinburgh were pretty solid. The historic core of the city is exceptionally compact, it’s like wandering through the past. Old brick buildings sit along the city blocks, some stones faded and worn, others tinted red. Businesses and pubs sit below street level, candles flickering in windows, music wafting out the door each … Continue reading 8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

One look at Budapest's Parliament building will have you smitten with the city. One of the best times to explore this European capital is during the holidays. Read all about Budapest's best Christmas Markets!

Budapest’s Best Christmas Markets

Ahhhh, European Christmas markets. Come December, they’re what us expats live for. We are far from home, friends, family, and our own traditions, so what fills such a huge void during the holidays? Mugs of steaming mulled wine, of course. Plus all the others: heaping plates of traditional foods, artistic crafts, twinkling lights, wafting music, … Continue reading Budapest’s Best Christmas Markets