Is Travel one of Your New Year Resolutions? Then Check out These 18 Hidden European Gems for Your 2018!

18 European Hidden Gems for 2018

Did some form of travel make it on your New Year resolutions list? It certainly made it on mine. Even though I'm extremely grateful for the travel I've been able to experience during the past few years living abroad, I know I will always pursue more travel. That's because travel is powerful. Even if you … Continue reading 18 European Hidden Gems for 2018

The Healing Sea

I'm a complicated water baby. I was born in early July as a cancer: a moody crab grasping at life, longing simultaneously for the adventurous sea and the safe feeling of 'home'. As a kid, I spent a lot of time playing on the beach with my two brothers, sinking my heals deep into the … Continue reading The Healing Sea