The Top Things to do in Lake Bled

What to Do in Lake Bled

We hopped a bus from Ljubljana to Bled, a quick drive up the valley, tracing the river to our destination. The bus rounded a bend, the lake coming into view, reflected town lights shimmering in the ripples. We sped past our stop at the top of the hill and barreled down into the town below. … Continue reading What to Do in Lake Bled


A Cake is Worth a Thousand Bites

Strolling by a cukrászda (a bakery with CAKE and other sweet delights), my heart skips a beat. I get nervous; my palms sweat, my mouth is dry. I make brief eye contact with a layered chocolate sponge cake topped with decadent ganache and a sliver of candied caramel, and I quickly look away, bashful.  I … Continue reading A Cake is Worth a Thousand Bites