Hi, I’m Ash and I’m an English teacher. For the past two years, I lived in Budapest, Hungary with my partner, Dan, and our cat, Cleo. We spent all our free time exploring our rich city and the intriguing region of Central Eastern Europe, quickly falling in love with both. But life is about taking risks, right? So for now, we’ll leave our beloved Budapest behind and try our luck in Madrid, Spain.

Behind the Name 

A few people have asked me why I chose the name Cairn and Compass. It all has to do with the meaning behind the words.

Compass is pretty easy; you’ve most likely seen or used one. It might not be as common to a carry one anymore, but if you embark into the unknown, this tool is crucial, helping you to forge forward, to find your way and your bearings, calling on your creativity to construct a plan of accomplishment.

And if you’re a hiker, you’ve probably seen a cairn along the trail. Often times, fellow hikers will pile up a few rocks to mark the trail, a gentle reminder that you haven’t lost your way, that you’re still on the right path. If a trail widens or loses its clarity, cairns can be lifesavers, silently guiding you. 

So, Cairn and Compass. As I forge my own adventures within my own life, I’d like to leave “cairns” on this blog so that I can relive my memories. It’s important to me to remember the subtle details of a trip or experience, to recall the sounds, smells, and emotions. The best way for me to do that is to reflect and write.

Perhaps these cairns can inspire others too; and, much like a compass, offer a guide for similar adventures.

So thank you for visiting and reading. I wish you luck in compassing your own adventures!    


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