Edinburgh is more than just castles, pubs, and city life. Read on to discover 8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh!

8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

First impressions of Edinburgh were pretty solid. The historic core of the city is exceptionally compact, it’s like wandering through the past. Old brick buildings sit along the city blocks, some stones faded and worn, others tinted red. Businesses and pubs sit below street level, candles flickering in windows, music wafting out the door each … Continue reading 8 Unique Reasons to Visit Edinburgh

Did You Know: Slovakia is home to one of the most beautiful mountain ranges in Europe? They even rival the Alps, I promise! Click to discover more Secrets of Slovakia.

10 Secrets of Slovakia

When you dream of European mountains, what comes to mind? I often picture the Alps in Switzerland and Bavaria. I imagine myself frolicking amongst the Dolomites in Italy and the Pyrenees in France. I long to set eyes on Norway’s endless line of peaks, reaching north like outstretched fingers. But Slovakia wasn’t on my radar… … Continue reading 10 Secrets of Slovakia